Emoji Quiz movie answers - UPDATED!

Up arrowBlue fish
Clapper boardSkyline at duskBrazilian flagPraying hands
Speaker with no soundSheepSheep
BoyDiamond ringVolcano

Boy and girl holding handsHandgunHandgun
BoyEyesSkull, dead
Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty
GirlManHappy devil facePraying hands
ManMasksGreen circle, ball
Clapper boardBride, wife, weddingKnife

AlienAnswer SIGNSStraw field in the wind
Old manBoyHouseSingle red balloonUp arrow
Umbrella with rainShooting starAmericas globeVideo game controllerRed negating X
Brown BearCigarette smokingBeer mug
BusPalm of handEqualsExplosion
Arrow pointing top, TOPHandgun
AlienBoyBlue bikeCrescent moon
KissSkull, deadGreen dragon in a swirl
Monkey face with smileSkyline at duskStatue of Liberty
Happy devil faceGreen dressRed high heelsBrown bag
Pig faceSpeech balloon
WomanRed heartManBoar with tusks
Princess or QueenWoman dancing in red dressClock at 12:00Red high heelsPumpkin with face
Ocean waveNumber oneNumber one
Desktop computerRed and yellow pillCool face
Princess or QueenCrown, kingSingle snowflake
Clapper boardCalendar with July 17thSingle snowflake
ManBritish flagHandgunCocktail glass
Speech balloonOff limitsHand in fist
ManManBlack squareAlien
LoudspeakerManCrown, king
HotelKnifeWomanShower head with waterScreaming
Mt. FujiBlack plus signEyes
Woman dancing in red dressSide of a wolf faceSide of a wolf face
Telephone handsetKnifeScreaming
American flagGirl with hands on headRoseRoseRose
Slot machineTwo beer mugs cheersTwo beer mugs cheersTwo beer mugs cheersDead
Money with DollarMoney with DollarMoney with DollarMoney with DollarBaby
Man wearing turban, indianTelevision, tvMoney bagMoney bagMoney bag
BasketballRabbit face
Ocean waveAmericas globe
Thought balloonPiece of paper with pencilKimono
Down arrowAmericas globeSad evil, devil faceSyringe with blood dripping
RatFork and knifeTomatoAnswer RATATOUILLETea with steam
FireFinger pointing rightOpen book
ManWomanKnifeCardboard package
Dog with tongue outSpaghettiDog with tongue outBoy and girl kissing
SurferHandgunMoney bag
Syringe with blood drippingDiamond
BoyOld manRed carWrist watch
Page with bottom curled upBoy
Japanese flagAirplaneBombAmerican flag
Girl raising handHigh speed trainAirplaneSkull, dead
Crescent moonEuropean post officeManFlashlight
Cruise shipOcean waveExplosionSkull, dead
Man wearing turban, indianRowboatTiger face
ManOcean waveRowboatTiger faceTiger face
Clapper boardBlue carOncoming carRed carCheckered flag
Christmas TreeBoyBrown BearGreen snake with tongue out
Crown, kingCatCat face with whiskersCat
Hand in fistPanda Bear face
SmilePenguin face
Penguin faceSurfer
Christmas Tree with ornamentsBoyManMan
Calendar with July 17thAnswer THE DAY AFTER TOMORROWStatue of LibertySingle snowflake
Ghost with tongue outHandgunMan
Microphone with music notesUmbrella with rain
Starry nightRocketWomanAmericas globe
ManHigh speed trainExplosionRepeat
SharkHorse face
ManSpider, bug
ManComfortableArm with bicep musclesGreen circle, ball
GirlGreen dressSun with rays
Number oneNumber twoManComfortable