Emoji Quiz All Answers - UPDATED!

White squareSingle snowflake
Old manSkull, deadGreen appleDesktop computerSmartphone
TongueWater drops
ManItalian flagRed mushroomPrincess or QueenDragon face

American flagManFamily of mom dad and sonAlien
Boy and girl holding handsBoyGirlBabyBall
StarSkull, dead
Up arrowBlue fish
Slot machineMoney with euroMoney with euroMoney with euroMoney with euro
Clapper boardSkyline at duskBrazilian flagPraying hands

Speaker with no soundSheepSheep
ManCrown, kingViolinSaxophoneMusic
BoyDiamond ringVolcano
StarOcean wave
Number oneGlasses
Television, tvManMicrophone with music notesSeatRefresh symbol
French flagManCrown, kingCustard
French flagBasketballMicrophone with music notes
Tropical drink with strawGreen appleOrangePurple grapesPears
Page with bottom curled upWrapped present in box
Old manOld womanFamily of mom dad and son
Party hat with confettiWomanFamily of mom dad and son
GlassesSun with rays
Bread sliceCrescent moon
French flagKiss
Red negating XVideo game controller
Red circle, ballBull
Slice of pepperoni pizzaCircus tent
White sneakersAlligator
Blue mens T-shirtWomen T-shirtGreen dressJeansAlligator
Orange circle, ballPalm tree
Boy and girl holding handsHandgunHandgun
BoyEyesSkull, dead
Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty
GirlManHappy devil facePraying hands
Calendar with July 17thBirthday cake with three candlesWrapped present in boxParty hat with confetti
Two girls holding handsTwo girls holding handsUnderage bannedBlack plus signStatue of Liberty
Two girls holding handsPart of a rainbowAmericas globe
ManMasksGreen circle, ball
Clapper boardBride, wife, weddingKnife
AlienAnswer SIGNSStraw field in the wind
Old manBoyHouseSingle red balloonUp arrow
Umbrella with rainShooting starAmericas globeVideo game controllerRed negating X
SmartphoneGreen appleWatermelon sliceStrawberryNinja
Water dropPalm treeMoyai statue
Brown BearCigarette smokingBeer mug
ManOpen scissorsTreePink tulip
French flagEuropean castleCrown, kingSun with raysRose
GirlAmericas globeTop hadCat face with whiskersWhite rabbit
Warning signOcean waveWomanBikiniRed circle, ball
BusPalm of handEqualsExplosion
Arrow pointing top, TOPHandgun
Money with DollarMoney with euroMoney with PoundMoney yuan
AlienBoyBlue bikeCrescent moon
Speaker with sound wavesSpeaker with no sound
Corn on the cobHot springsExplosion
HouseOld manOld womanOld manOld man
Two profile picturesBoySpeech balloonMoney bag
TongueSpeech balloonEar
TicketHandgunSkull, dead
Money bagNumber two
Bread sliceChocolate bar
Princess or QueenSleeping zzzsKissEyes
BoyGlassesLightning strike symbol
Hand in fistExplosion
American flagBlue carHorse racing
Italian flagRed carHorse racing
RoosterBasketballBaseballSoccer ballTennis ball
AirplaneFrench flag
Old manPaint paletteSpanish flagFrench flag
HotelSticking tongue out and winkingAnswer PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITALAnswer PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL
Red backpackFlying moneyLine graph with upwards trendBar graph
White sneakersBlack check mark
Gas station pumpShell
Single red balloonPumpkin with faceGhost with tongue out
KissSkull, deadGreen dragon in a swirl
Americas globeMonkey face with smileMonkey face with smileMonkey face with smile
Monkey face with smileSkyline at duskStatue of Liberty
Green applePurple grapesStrawberryWater drop
FireCigarette smoking
Red carFireCigarette smoking
Calendar with July 17thCalendar with July 17thCalendar with July 17thCalendar with July 17thLight bulb
Off limitsOld woman
Happy devil faceGreen dressRed high heelsBrown bag
Bathtub with person insideSun with rays
ManGraduation capDown arrowRed apple
Chocolate barMilk, baby bottle
Envelope, letterDesktop computer
Page with top right corner curled overToilet
Chocolate barCow with full bodyBall
Answer JAPANSushiAnswer JAPANKimonoSake bottle and cup
Two boys holding handsTwo boys holding handsBritish flagMicrophone with music notes
French flagHigh speed trainBritish flag
Number sevenUp arrow
Old manRoosterFrench fries
Red negating XCardboard package
TreeWhite sneakers
Cow with full bodyLaughing
Women T-shirtGreen dressBikiniPeeled banana
Girl raising handCat face with whiskers
White sneakersRulerRulerRuler
Blue carRam with full body
Clock at 1:00Tropical drink with strawOrange
Battery with plus and minus symbolsRabbit face
Hand making number 2 signBoy and girl holding handsTwo boys holding handsTwo girls holding handsBoy and girl holding hands
Pig faceSpeech balloon
Green appleDesktop computerSmartphone
Europe and Africa globeBlue carDigital cameraLeopard walkingElephant
Red heartPalm of hand
Red and yellow pillHard candy wrappedClock at 1:00Clock at 12:00
Video game controllerAnswer NINTENDO
Wrist watchSparklesMoney with euro
Money with euroPig faceLock with key
Red circle, ballAngry
South Korean flagSmartphone
Mouth, lipsCapital letter, blood type B
TrophyBasketballAmerican flag
South Korean flagMicrophone with music notesWoman dancing in red dressHorse face
WomanRed heartManBoar with tusks
Page with top right corner curled overNumbers one, two, three, and fourJapanese flag
Rush of air, dashingSchool bus
WomanRussian flagTennis ball
Red carRed circleRed circleRed circleRed circle
Piece of paper with pencilBird faceNumber oneNumber fourNumber zero
DiceDiceSlice of pepperoni pizza
Hard candy wrappedPart of a rainbow
Princess or QueenWoman dancing in red dressClock at 12:00Red high heelsPumpkin with face
Christmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeChristmas TreeBlack square
Answer TIFFANY AND CODiamond ringDiamond
Video game controllerRed negating XAnswer PLAYSTATIONSmall red triangleRed circle
Leopard walkingRed car
Red carFrench flagAnswer RENAULT
Digital cameraBomb
Beer mugJapanese flag
Movie cameraLight bulb
Circus tentSun with rays
American flagAnswer AMERICAN APPARELJeansWomen T-shirtGreen dress
CamelCigarette smoking
Cigarette smokingWhite squareRed circle, ball
Oncoming carBlue circle, ballWhite square
TomatoWater dropsFrench fries
Video game controllerSingle snowflakeLightning strike symbolRush of air, dashing
JeansOcean waveMt. FujiSurferSnowboarder
SkisSnowboarderJeansSingle snowflakeBird face
Television, tvNewspaperBritish flag
Blue circle, ballYikes, grimace
Americas globeMovie camera
Mt. FujiMovie camera
Americas globeRed circle, ball
Ocean waveNumber oneNumber one
Water dropHourglass with sand going to bottomWater drop
Old manGraduation capGerman flagTongue
Palm of handGreen circle, ballSprouting plant, Seedling
SwimmerRoad bicyclistMan running
Thumbs upMoney with euro
SleepingJapanese ogreScreaming
Construction workerSwimmer
Water dropHot springs
Panda Bear faceBambooNoodle soup with chopsticksGreen dragon in a swirl
Desktop computerRed and yellow pillCool face
Electric guitarSingle snowflakeMonkey with body
Capital letter POncoming carNumber two
ManTennis ballSpanish flagArm with bicep muscles
Sunrise over mountainsSunrise over ocean
Syringe with blood drippingSingle snowflake
Princess or QueenCrown, kingSingle snowflake
British flagTennis ballTrophy
French flagTennis ballTrophy
Japanese flagVideo game controllerTelevision, tvDigital cameraSmartphone
White rabbitMoyai statueChocolate bar
Clapper boardCalendar with July 17thSingle snowflake
Mouth, lipsHoney jarChristmas Tree with ornaments
Water dropAmerican flagRed circle, ballWhite square
PandaSurferSun with rays
Open scissorsManicured nailsManicured nails
ManBritish flagHandgunCocktail glass
DiceMoney with euroHouseHotel
Speech balloonOff limitsHand in fist
ManWomanGreen appleGreen snake with tongue out
Water buffaloSpanish flag
Green circle, ballAnswer GREEN WITH JEALOUSY
Fork and knifeAmerican flagFrench friesCheeseburger
Man walkingPalm of hand
HandgunPaint palette
WormAmericas globe
PolicemanClipboard with paperFlying money
BoyAngel with wingsSun with raysSkull, dead
Cardboard packageRam with full bodyBeer mug
Man runningRush of air, dashing
Cigarette smokingLarge white squareSmall red triangle
ChurchCrescent moon
Off limitsSleeping
Television, tvFrench flagHourglass with sandKey with two prongs
Bird faceChick faceExplosionPig face
Top hadShooting starWhite rabbit
FireSide of a wolf face
White sneakersVan, carVan, car
Ocean waveSkull, dead
Mens profileTelescopeStar
Money with euroFrench flagGerman flagItalian flag
ManPaint palettePeeled bananaTea with steam
Crescent moonHoney jar
Old manOld womanFountainBoyGirl
ManMicrophone with music notesBlack squareWhite square
Octopus with four tentaclesRed question markSoccer ball
Beer mugRed wine glassRepeatPraying man
ChurchPraying handsSingle doorEar
Chick faceFire
Santa face, hatStarry nightPart of a rainbow
Dr mask over face, sickTwo profile picturesDr mask over face, sickDr mask over face, sickAmericas globe
Water dropsDown arrow
Tiger faceLeopard walkingDolphinCamel with two humpsLocked padlock
FireRed circleTiger with full body
Side of a wolf faceFull moonJapanese ogre
CheeseburgerCrown, king
SmileFrench friesCheeseburger
Top hadCardboard packagePart of a rainbowMoney bag
Cat face with whiskersCardboard packageSkull, deadRed question mark
HouseRoosterRush of air, dashingRefresh symbol
Green snake with tongue outRed paw printsPart of a rainbow
WomanDesktop computerEnvelope, letterFax machineTelephone handset
WomanJapanese ogre
Cruise shipStarry night
City skyline at night with starsExplosionParty hat with confetti
Flying moneyClipboard with paperHotel
Paint paletteMoney bagHammer
Mouse face with whiskersTurtle walkingSlice of pepperoni pizza
Milk, baby bottleStrawberryPeeled banana
WormFish caught on fishing line
Dr mask over face, sickBroken heartRefresh symbolRed heart
Man walkingMan walkingMan walkingMan walkingMan walking
German flagCheckered flagRed carRush of air, dashing
Back of a credit cardRight arrowMoney with euro
Old manSide of a wolf faceOcean wave
ManSingle snowflake
WomanHotelBabyMilk, baby bottle
Santa face, hatChristmas Tree with ornamentsWrapped present in box
Refresh symbolHappy devil face
JokerCrescent moon
Up arrowSingle cloudSun behind set of cloudsSingle cloud
Hand in fistThai flag
Womens walletFlying moneyFlying money
Number oneEyes
Locked padlockKey with two prongs
Arm with bicep musclesAnswer OPEN ARMEDSmile
BombRed mushroom
Soccer ballNoseSpeak no evil monkey
ManManBlack squareAlien
Boy with blonde hair and blue eyesHorse runningCheckered flag
Ocean wavePalm treeSpanish flagChick face
TomatoTwo cherries
Blue fishCat face with whiskers
SmileClock at 12:00Two beer mugs cheers
Rice and beansCalendar with July 17th
Red paw printsRabbit faceCardboard package
Peeled bananaIce creamIce creamIce cream
TomatoCocktail glass
WomanMicrophone with music notesGreen dressBone
Two boys holding handsRed heartTentMt. Fuji
Coffee with steamMilk, baby bottleChocolate bar
Lightning strike symbolRed negating XHouse
Rice and beansPraying handsRed heart
LoudspeakerManCrown, king
WomanCat face with whiskers
HotelKnifeWomanShower head with waterScreaming
ManSweet Potato
Mt. FujiBlack plus signEyes
Woman dancing in red dressSide of a wolf faceSide of a wolf face
Telephone handsetKnifeScreaming
American flagGirl with hands on headRoseRoseRose
Slot machineTwo beer mugs cheersTwo beer mugs cheersTwo beer mugs cheersDead
Money with DollarMoney with DollarMoney with DollarMoney with DollarBaby
Man wearing turban, indianTelevision, tvMoney bagMoney bagMoney bag
BasketballRabbit face
Yellow blossomSun with rays
SheepBlack square
Ocean waveAmericas globe
Thought balloonPiece of paper with pencilKimono
Down arrowAmericas globeSad evil, devil faceSyringe with blood dripping
Green snake with tongue outRed paw prints
Praying handsCardboard packageTwo beer mugs cheers
HandgunWater drop
Brown BearWhite squareSingle snowflake
Blue fishFrench fries
White rice in a bowlMilk, baby bottle
Man wearing turban, indianPraying handsHand making number 2 sign
Red wine glassGreen apple
WormSparklesLight bulb
European post officeThree books stacked
Single doorStarStar
RatFork and knifeTomatoAnswer RATATOUILLETea with steam
FireFinger pointing rightOpen book
Television, tvKnifeFried egg in panRice and beansTrophy
Maple leafSingle snowflake
Shower head with waterSingle snowflake
ManFork and knifeSlice of pepperoni pizza
French flagMt. FujiItaly flag
German flagBeer mugTwo beer mugs cheersParty hat with confetti
Road bicyclistCyclist, riderFrench flag
Chocolate chip cookieBlack squareWhite squareBlack square
Video game controllerMicrophone with music notesStar
ManWomanKnifeCardboard package
Dog with tongue outSpaghettiDog with tongue outBoy and girl kissing
Video game controllerManHandgunCardboard package
SurferHandgunMoney bag
Soccer ballTrophyAmericas globe
Syringe with blood drippingDiamond
Bread slicePig with full bodyTelevision, tvStrawberryHot springs
Bread slicePig with full bodyTelevision, tvFried egg in panHot springs
BoyOld manRed carWrist watch
Hot springsDog with tongue out
Chocolate barHot springs
ManPaint paletteGreen applePurple grapesPears
Barber poleSpanish flag
Red heartHotel
Japanese flagSkyline at duskTokyo tower, rocket
French flagSkyline at duskTokyo tower, rocket
American flagSkyline at duskBridge at night
Japanese flagMt. Fuji
American flagSkyline at duskStatue of Liberty
ManPaint paletteSunflower
Brown BearHoney jarTelevision, tv
ManAnswer AUGUSTE BARTHOLDIStatue of Liberty
Cardboard packageHammerNut and boltWrench
Italian flagSkyline at duskMasks
Mice, ratWhite rabbitManMan
Page with bottom curled upBoy
Japanese flagAirplaneBombAmerican flag
Girl raising handHigh speed trainAirplaneSkull, dead
Crescent moonEuropean post officeManFlashlight
ManBloody footprintsCrescent moon
Cruise shipOcean waveExplosionSkull, dead
Man wearing turban, indianRowboatTiger face
ManOcean waveRowboatTiger faceTiger face
AlienBabyAmericas globeArm with bicep muscles
Blue circle, ballDisk
Clapper boardBlue carOncoming carRed carCheckered flag
Christmas TreeBoyBrown BearGreen snake with tongue out
Crown, kingCatCat face with whiskersCat
American flagSkyline at duskSlot machine
Side of a wolf faceBlack squareWhite square
Horse faceBlack squareWhite square
Mouse face with whiskersEuropean castlePart of a rainbow
Monkey with bodyBlack squareWhite square
Hand in fistPanda Bear face
SmilePenguin face
Penguin faceSurfer
Christmas Tree with ornamentsBoyManMan
Calendar with July 17thAnswer THE DAY AFTER TOMORROWStatue of LibertySingle snowflake
Ghost with tongue outHandgunMan
Microphone with music notesUmbrella with rain
Starry nightRocketWomanAmericas globe
ManHigh speed trainExplosionRepeat
Crescent moonBoyFish caught on fishing line
ManFork and knifeSyringe with blood dripping
Pig with full bodyMelonItalian flag
SharkHorse face
ManSpider, bug
Desktop computerTwo profile picturesThumbs up
Syringe with blood drippingOrange
ManComfortableArm with bicep musclesGreen circle, ball
GirlGreen dressSun with rays
Number oneNumber twoManComfortable