Emoji Quiz brand answers - UPDATED!

Red circle, ballBull
Slice of pepperoni pizzaCircus tent
White sneakersAlligator
Blue mens T-shirtWomen T-shirtGreen dressJeansAlligator

Orange circle, ballPalm tree
American flagBlue carHorse racing
Italian flagRed carHorse racing
RoosterBasketballBaseballSoccer ballTennis ball
AirplaneFrench flag
White sneakersBlack check mark

Gas station pumpShell
Chocolate barCow with full bodyBall
French flagHigh speed trainBritish flag
Number sevenUp arrow
Old manRoosterFrench fries
TreeWhite sneakers
Cow with full bodyLaughing
Women T-shirtGreen dressBikiniPeeled banana
Girl raising handCat face with whiskers
White sneakersRulerRulerRuler
Blue carRam with full body
Clock at 1:00Tropical drink with strawOrange
Battery with plus and minus symbolsRabbit face
Green appleDesktop computerSmartphone
Red and yellow pillHard candy wrappedClock at 1:00Clock at 12:00
Video game controllerAnswer NINTENDO
Wrist watchSparklesMoney with euro
South Korean flagSmartphone
Mouth, lipsCapital letter, blood type B
TrophyBasketballAmerican flag
Rush of air, dashingSchool bus
Red carRed circleRed circleRed circleRed circle
Piece of paper with pencilBird faceNumber oneNumber fourNumber zero
DiceDiceSlice of pepperoni pizza
Answer TIFFANY AND CODiamond ringDiamond
Leopard walkingRed car
Red carFrench flagAnswer RENAULT
Digital cameraBomb
Beer mugJapanese flag
Movie cameraLight bulb
American flagAnswer AMERICAN APPARELJeansWomen T-shirtGreen dress
CamelCigarette smoking
Cigarette smokingWhite squareRed circle, ball
Oncoming carBlue circle, ballWhite square
TomatoWater dropsFrench fries
Video game controllerSingle snowflakeLightning strike symbolRush of air, dashing
JeansOcean waveMt. FujiSurferSnowboarder
SkisSnowboarderJeansSingle snowflakeBird face
Television, tvNewspaperBritish flag
Blue circle, ballYikes, grimace
Americas globeMovie camera
Mt. FujiMovie camera
Japanese flagVideo game controllerTelevision, tvDigital cameraSmartphone
Water dropAmerican flagRed circle, ballWhite square
DiceMoney with euroHouseHotel
Fork and knifeAmerican flagFrench friesCheeseburger
Cigarette smokingLarge white squareSmall red triangle
FireSide of a wolf face
White sneakersVan, carVan, car
CheeseburgerCrown, king
Chocolate chip cookieBlack squareWhite squareBlack square
Blue circle, ballDisk
Mouse face with whiskersEuropean castlePart of a rainbow
Crescent moonBoyFish caught on fishing line
Desktop computerTwo profile picturesThumbs up